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JSC Rosnefteflot is a rapidly growing shipping company, a part of the Rosneft Oil Company Group.

Rosnefteflot is specializing in liquid hydrocarbons transportation and transshipment by sea and river, tanker fleet management, including bunkering tankers operation, harbor towing operations, design and supervision of the ships and marine equipment construction.

The development of marine and river logistics is the main Rosnefteflot’s activity which is aimed at creating new and improving the efficiency of existing business areas of Rosneft oil company:

  • oil products transportation by sea;
  • oil products transportation by river;
  • bunkering tanker operation;
  • heavy ice class support vessel operation;
  • harbor towing operations and other port fleet services, including oil spill response;
  • sea and river fleet vetting.


There is a fleet of 39 vessels under Rosnefteflot management, both owned and chartered.

Company's tanker fleet includes the first Russian built green Aframax "Vladimir Monomakh", designed to comply with highest environmental safety standards. She was built in 2020 at the local shipyard Zvezda. The dual-fuel vessel can run on both normal bunker fuel oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) – the eco-friendly fuel, which complies with the rules for low emission of sulfur oxides and greenhouse gases in the Baltic and North Seas entered in force.

In 2022, the second Aframax, "Vladimir Vinogradov", built at the Russian shipbuilding complex Zvezda, joined the fleet.

River transportation

Each year Rosnefteflot carries out the transportation of oil products of Rosneft. More than 150 river-sea oil tankers and tug-and-tow vessels are travel within inland waterways during the river navigation season. All of them, including 25 vessels of the shipping company Prime Shipping LLC are chartered in upon the completion of Rosnefteflot’s vetting.

Local offices

The head office of Rosnefteflot is located in Moscow. There are local offices in the key water transport hubs of the Russian Federation: Saint-Petersburg (Ust-Luga, Primorsk), Murmansk, Novorossiysk, Tuapse and Nakhodka.

International cooperation

Rosnefteflot gives special attention to cooperation with the foreign partners, including global oil and gas and industrial companies.

Corporate governance

JSC Rosnefteflot strictly complies with international corporate governance, disclosure and financial reporting standards. Rosnefteflot follows the general policies of Rosneft Oil Company, which are based on the high social responsibility to its employees, their families and those people who live in the regions where the Rosnefteflot is doing business.

Acting General Director

Vadim Vitalevich Ovchinnikov


JSC Rosnefteflot

6/2 Presnenskaya Embankment, Moscow, 123112, Russian Federation
Tel.: +7 (495) 649 8600