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Igor Sechin awarded the Global Energy Prize winner

17 June 2016

During the XX St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Rosneft Chief Executive Officer and Executive Secretary of Russia's Presidential Commission on Strategic Development of the Fuel and Energy Sector and Ecological Safety, in pursuance of the assignment of the Russian President Vladimir Putin honoured the Global Energy Award winner.

The 2016 prize went to the academician of the Russian Academy of Science, Coordinator of Research at Boreskov Institute of Catalysis Valentin Parmon for a breakthrough development of new catalysts in the area of oil refining and renewable energy sources.

Today many refineries in Russia including Rosneft refineries produce motor fuel components made with reforming catalysts, discovered by Valentin Parmon together with Boreskov Institute of Catalysis. The scientist’s studies in the area of reforming catalysts development are being continued in cooperation with the Angarsky catalyst and organic synthesis plant (a company of Rosneft group).

In his speech, Igor Sechin noted: "In solar catalytic reactors designed by academician Valentin Parmon, the efficiency of solar energy conversion into chemical fuel reaches 43%. Still no one has exceeded this figure. There are less states in the world, having full scale of technologies for production of catalysts, than those producing nuclear weapons. I am glad to see Russia among them thanks to such scientists as Valentin Parmon”.

Notes for editors:

The Global Energy Prize has been awarded in Russia since 2003 for outstanding scientific research and technological development in energy.  Over this period this prize has been honoured to famous Russian scientists such as Zhores Alferov, Nobel Prize winner and academicians Gennady Mesyats, Oleg Favorsky and Philip Rutberg. Scientists from the US, Germany, Japan, Canada, the UK and Iceland have also been awarded this Prize.

Last year the Global Energy Prizes were awarded to Professor Jayant Baliga for development and commercialization of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor and Professor Shuji Nakamura for invention, commercialization and development of energy efficient white LED lightning technology.

Rosneft Information Division
June 17, 2016

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