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Second Goliath Crane Assembled at Zvezda Shipyard

16 August 2019

The second Goliath giant crane, with a capacity of 1,200 tonnes, height of 120 metres, and width of 189 metres, has been assembled at the dry dock of Zvezda Shipyard that is being constructed by the Rosneft-led Consortium upon instructions of the President of Russia.

The Goliath lifting operation took about 20 days, given the increased industrial safety requirements, the specifics of assembling the unique crane equipment, and the difficult weather conditions.

The second Goliath has an improved design. For instance, its beams were specially designed for the advanced technology of large-block shipbuilding applied at the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex.

The giant crane will be used for the construction of super tankers, gas carriers, the Leader ice-breaking vessel, and other types of marine equipment, including those for operation in the Arctic. Soon, the dock will be equipped with four 60 tonnes tower cranes with straight arms.

The dry dock is part of the second phase of construction of the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex. Initially, the unique hydraulic structure sized 485x114x15 was scheduled for completion in 2023, but the construction has been going ahead of that timeline. The start-up of the dry dock is planned for 2020.

The first Goliath crane, a symbol of the Bolshoy Kamen town, has been facilitating the work of the heavy open outfitting slip since 2018. During this period, the crane has performed more than 9,700 operations on lifting, moving and bending cargoes, including sections and blocks of vessels under construction.

Similarly to other modern cranes, Goliaths are equipped with an automated smart control system that requires just one operator managing the giant due to the combination of settings for all safety systems and devices.

Notes for Editors:

Zvezda Shipyard is established at the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Centre (FESRC) by a consortium led by Rosneft, upon the instruction of the President of Russia.

The shipyard project comprises launched and operating objects, such as the hull production facility, painting cabinets, and open heavy outfitting berth, as well as second-train objects under construction, such as the dry dock, full-cycle production shops, and shops for offshore marine equipment.

At the moment, Zvezda Shipyard’s contract portfolio has orders for the construction of 38 vessels. Rosneft Oil Company is an anchor customer, having placed an order for 26 ships.

August 16, 2019